pmX Academy

Trainings or Workshops.
… we possess the required expertise.

We believe that people as well as organizations can change and develop towards sustainable participatory thinking and acting.

What do we offer?

As our name suggests, we offer comprehensive knowledge in the areas of projects, people and eXpertise, which we combine with our values of being appreciative, system-oriented, excited by change, committed and inspired.

Our areas of operation:

  •   Automotive industry
  •   Transportation
  •   IT industry
  •   Research & Development
  •   Metal industry
  •   Plastics industry
  •   Textile industry
  •    etc.


We provide you with in-depth experience and an extensive range of Trainings:

  • Group Trainings
  • Individual Trainings
  • Teaching Classes
  • Teaching Talks
  • etc.


We offer you comprehensive knowledge and a wide range of Workshops:

  • Open Space
  • Fish Bowl
  • Information Parcours
  • Lego Serious Play
  • Station Talks
  • etc.

Wo sind wir derzeit aktiv?

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